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Research shows that part time work and volunteering pay off

Research based on member responses and presented at the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) showed that 83% of graduate roles were given to applicants who did part-time or casual work. The research also showed that doing volunteer or charity work is highly regarded from a prospective employers perspective as 48% of successful candidates had indicated that they had been volunteers.

Establishing your employability largely comes from your ability to demonstrate that you can work with people to achieve shared objectives. Part-time/casual work and volunteering provide opportunities to do exactly that.

I often hear young people say, “Oh, I just work in a supermarket” or “I just work in a cafe.” or “I’m just doing some volunteering for my local charity”.

There is no such thing as ‘just‘ a part-time/casual job or volunteering role. All these roles help to prove that you are employable because they all involve teamwork, communication, leadership, innovation, problem solving – the list goes on!

The evidence is overwhelming that part-time/casual and volunteering roles matter. Don’t forget it. Notice the ‘real’ employability skills that you are learning. Employers are interested and your chances of being employed are significantly higher if you understand and practice this fact.

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