Australia’s employee engagement is 23% – this is a leadership problem

Given Gallup’s recent report that employee engagement in Australia is only at 23% (matching the global average), increasing it is vital not only for your organisation’s success but for the staff and their success and, therefore, the success of our society.

What is happening in organisations has a MASSIVE impact on the world we live in.

You cannot tell me that having 77% of people disengaged at work is good for society! Clearly, it isn’t.

The good news is that the current score is a new record. It is the highest the score has ever been since the report commenced in 2009. It is fabulous that the score is improving, but the rate of improvement is, well, at a snail’s pace.

This demonstrates just how important leadership and culture are for our world.

Taking conscious action to improve leadership skills is essential if the rate of improvement is to increase.

In any field of expertise, the best people never stop developing and doing everything they can to enhance their talents. They NEVER rate themself a 10/10 in anything because they know that as soon as you think you have “made it”, you stop learning. And, when you stop learning, your only direction is backward.

What are you doing to be the best leader you can be? Are you taking action to be accountable for learning HOW to be the best leader you can be? Do you know how to create trust, connect people to purpose, develop people, and give them the hope that what the organisation does makes a positive difference to society?

The people I coach do.

Do you?

By Gary Ryan

Gary Ryan helps talented professionals, their teams and organisations, move Beyond Being Good®