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Motorcycle riding is a great hobby of mine. Whilst, undoubtedly, it is a dangerous past time, there is an important secret to safe and effective motorcycle riding: focus on where you are going. One of the first principles taught by instructors is that motorcycles ‘go’ wherever the rider is looking.

This, however, does not mean that everything else should be ignored. Rather, as much as is plausibly possible, it is paramount for a motorcyclist to be as aware as possible of all their surroundings. If a bus is approaching quickly on your left – you must know that. If a car is recklessly changing lanes behind you – you must see that. If a parked car is just about to leave the kerb – you must be prepared for that.

Gary Ryan
Atop of Falls Creek, Victoria Australia. Photo by David Collopy – Photofit

The rider must be fully aware of the dangers surrounding them. However, it is crucial that such dangers are not focussed on. Focussing on the dangers will only lead the motorcycle toward them, an outcome that certainly is not desired.

I find that riding a motorcycle provides a legitimate metaphor for life. In life, I must remain focussed on where I am going. I must also be aware of the dangers around me, ensuring necessary evasive action is taken so that I can stay on track and arrive at my desired destination.

Far too often, people are focussed on what they don’t want and inevitably draw it into their lives. Poor relationships. Unhealthy working environments. A lack of money. Being overweight. The list is endless. Focussing on the outcome you do not want actually translates that outcome into a reality and brings it into your life.

The journey of life is one that requires us to maintain focus on where we want to go, whilst remaining aware of what is going on around us. When danger approaches, implement appropriate evasive action and focus on where you want to go in order to avoid that danger.

However simple it may appear, this principle will assist you in establishing greater levels of life balance and personal success. Next time something negative draws to your mind, remember to stay focussed on what it is you truly desire to increase the chance that you will achieve that outcome.

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