‘Team First’ means ‘Team First’!

The reaction by the Australian public and ex-players to the sacking of four players for the Third Test in India is fascinating. Many have claimed that the request by Coach Mickey Arthur and Captain Michael Clarke for all players to submit a review of the Second Test was a trivial requirement.

By 9:30am a poll by Radio 1116 SEN produced a 92% ‘No’ response to the question, ‘Do you support the actions of Mickey Arthur and Michael Clarke?’.

People clearly don’t ‘get’ what a high performance culture requires. In the modern age I suspect you wouldn’t find players at the Sydney Swans not completing such a task requested by their coach and captain.

I totally support David Parkin’s comments on this issue that he wholeheartedly supported the sacking of the players for the Third Test. I suspect Hawthorn great and legendary coach John Kennedy would share Parkin’s view.

Standards are standards and must be met in a high performance culture. The moment that you drop your standards you might as well forget whatever ‘vision’ you are chasing. It really is that simple. 

Personal accountability is also paramount. At least James Pattinson has come out to accept responsibility for his behaviour. But people must be challenged to take personal responsibility by being held to account for their behaviour. That is where real leadership kicks in – and where real leadership requires courage. No doubt Mickey Arthur and Michael Clarke were 100% aware of the ‘fall out’ of their decision. I applaud them both for having the courage of their convictions – an attribute that is never lost on leaders. Let’s hope that the Australian Cricket Board has as much courage and stands with them during this challenging time.

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