10 Ways To Get Fired For Building Your Personal Brand

It seems that as social networking continues to grow at an exponential rate, the mistakes that people are making in the way that they use social network sites are also increasing exponentially. It seems that many people forget that when they post something, anything to a social networking site it becomes public property. I must admit that the photos that I have seen on various people’s Facebook sites have caused me to shudder – what are they thinking?

It isn’t hard for a prospective employer to go into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and do a search on you. If you think that your public content on those sites won’t affect your job prospects, think again!

The linked blog by Dan Schawbel titled ‘10 Ways To Get Fired For Building Your Personal Brand‘ is very powerful (warning – there are one or two swear words included in this particular article included in examples from some inappropriate use of social networking sites) and is worth the read.

It is critical to remember to constantly ask yourself, “What message is my social network contributions sending to people who do not know me?”. Without realising it, your tweets, photos and blogs could be sending the message that all your care about is socialising and doing anything but work. Is that really a public profile that you want to create?

The final message in the attached article asks us all to think before publishing material on social network sites. It is good advice!

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