About Organisations That Matter


February 2007


We strive to create organisations that are worthy of the commitment of the people who serve the organisation.

Purpose – why we exist

“Ages don’t stop and start. One fades in, while the other fades away.”

Professor Emeritus Russell Ackoff, Wharton Business School.

We serve leaders in organisations by teaching them how to become a 21st Century Leader. Despite the turn of the century occurring more than two decades ago, 20th Century Industrial Age forms of leadership persist. The evidence is overwhelming that 21st Century Leaders create outcomes that are great for their organisation, their followers and themselves.

When leadership is focused on these three outcomes, employees get to be the best they can be, safe in the knowledge that they work for an organisation that truly matters, and genuinely cares for them.

When this happens, employees can be their best selves at home, which is great for themselves and their families.

When families are influenced by the care shown by leaders at work, all the members of those families are better placed to positively contribute to their communities.

If this looks and sounds like an algorithm, it is because it is.

Leadership that is great for followers, leaders and organisations is great for families, and in turn, great for communities.

“Organisations That Matter”  is the phrase we use to identify organisations that understand this algorithm and choose to join us on this journey – and we love working with organisations that aren’t there yet, but want to be.

Values – how we will work with you

  1. We collaborate every step of the way to ensure results are achieved together
  2. Listening for understanding is core to our work
  3. Respectfully challenging ourselves and our clients is essential for innovation to be possible  – for us, questions are a gift
  4. Learning is central to everything we do
  5. Integrity  and keeping our word, is integral to honouring our commitments to ourselves and our clients

Our Commitments:

Respect and Empathy:

  • We treat every individual with respect, recognising their worth and honoring their experiences.
  • We empathise with the challenges and aspirations of our clients, fostering a supportive and understanding partnership.

Personalised Solutions:

    • We understand that each individual and organisation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs.
    • We work closely with our clients to develop customized strategies that align with their goals and values.

Expert Guidance:

    • Our team, led by Gary Ryan, brings extensive experience and expertise in leadership and organisational development.
    • We provide insightful and practical guidance, leveraging our knowledge to help individuals and organisations unlock their full potential.

Continuous Improvement:

    • We are committed to ongoing learning and growth, continuously enhancing our services and methodologies to deliver the highest value to our clients.
    • We seek feedback from our clients and use it to refine and improve our approach, ensuring we exceed their expectations.

Partnership and Collaboration:

    • We view our relationship with clients as a true partnership, collaborating closely to achieve shared goals.
    • We foster open communication, actively listening to our clients and valuing their input throughout our engagement.

Results-Oriented Approach:

    • We are driven by a results-oriented mindset, aiming to help individuals, teams, and organisations achieve high performance and exceed their potential.
    • We measure success based on the tangible outcomes and positive impact we create for our clients.

What we do

We support individual leaders, their teams, departments and whole organisations through both in-person and online, bespoke solutions.

Our passion is helping leaders become the best they can be and creating results that matter, through the practices of Servant Leadership and Authentic Leadership.

We do this by helping leaders, their teams and entire organisations move Beyond Being Good. It is one thing to be good at what you do, but another to be extraordinary at what you do. Being extraordinary results in you, your team and your organisation creating the outcomes you desire in a manner that shows you care for the people in your organisation. We educate leaders in the practices and tools associated with Servant Leadership and Authentic Leadership which produce evidence-based outcomes that are both great for people and business results.

What to do next

Are you up for the challenge?

Our model involves three components:

  1. We establish a conceptual agreement on what is to be achieved;
  2. We determine how success will be measured, from both Lead and Lag indicator perspectives; and
  3. We agree on fees based on the agreed value of the project.

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Our current clients include:

  • Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) Team coaching, leadership development, and culture improvement program for a national technology team
  • Viva Energy – 12 month Leadership Program for 35 leaders
  • State Gas Appliances – Coaching the CEO
  • Metro Trains Melbourne – Coaching senior leader
  • Australian Unity – Coaching a senior leader
  • Monash University – Coaching a senior academic
  • PRP Geelong, Warrnambool and Mt Gambier – Leadership and culture development program 2020 to current
  • MAB Corp – Coaching senior leaders
  • Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia – Coaching senior leaders, leadership development, high-performance teams, change management
  • VMCH – Asset Management Team High-performance culture workshop
  • City of Whitehorse – Coaching senior leader
  • Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association (AusTTA) Keynote speech
  • Melbourne University Sport – Leadership program and high-performance culture development; facilitation of innovation workshops and Advisory Board sessions
  • Eric Jones Stairbuilding – Director and frontline leaders development program
  • Glen Waverley Primary School – Coaching the School Principal
  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) – senior leadership development program
  • Monash University – Various student development and leadership programs for the Monash Business School, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Graduate Research Office (every year since 2007)
  • Mannix College – StAMP Mentoring Program design and facilitation
  • Surefact Australia – Coaching the Managing Director and senior leader
  • Project Management Institute – Melbourne Chapter – Keynote for PMI Mentoring Program

Previous clients include:

  • L’Orèal – Keynote speech Luxury Lab 2022, “Disruption Leadership Matters – Why leading within is the key to success”
  • Telstra – Keynote speech UnConference 2022 “Disruption Leadership Matters”
  • Deakin University eSolutions – Senior leaders development program (2 years)
  • V/Line Train Services – Leadership development program (2 years)
  • Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia – 5 years leadership development and branch manager coaching
  • RMIT University – Alumni mentoring program – mentor and mentee development workshops (2017 – 2022)
  • Riff Raff & Co – refresh and update of the company Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Homewood Consulting – Leadership and culture development program 2020 to current
  • Australia Precision Ag Laboratory (APAL) – Managing Directors and senior leadership development program, high-performance culture development
  • Lavazza Australia – Senior leaders development program, coaching senior leader
  • MONSU Caulfield – Strategic plan development and coaching senior staff, design and facilitation of student development programs
  • Assured Roofing – Coaching the Managing Director
  • City of Glen Eira – Senior staff coaching program
  • Metro Trains Melbourne – Senior leadership development program (3 years)
  • Commonwealth Car Service (COMCAR) – Strategic Planning and staff engagement
  • City of Whitehorse – Development and roll-out (and then a review) of the Workforce Flexibility Program, various learning and development programs
  • Programmed – Safety Leadership Conference facilitation, relationship management, high performing teams
  • Leica Biosystems – Strategic Planning – Operations, high-performing teams
  • Boom Logistics – High-performance culture development
  • Monash University – Faculty of Law – student development program (9 years)
  • Latrobe University – Professional staff high-performance teams workshops
  • Quintessential Equity – Coaching senior leader
  • City of Greater Dandenong – staff coaching
  • Nillumbik Shire Council – staff development workshop
  • MONSU Caulfield Inc. – Student development, strategic planning
  • Richmond (AFL) – Leadership team development program (players)
  • AFL Coaches Association – Advisory Board and Board of Management Member (5 years)
  • RMIT University Future Edge  – Student development workshops (8 years)
  • RMIT University George Alexander Scholarship program – Student development workshops (5 years)
  • National Australia Bank – Graduate Program (4 years)
  • National Australia Bank – Relationship Management (2 years)
  • National Australia Bank – Mentoring program (3 years)
  • Service Skills Victoria – Mentoring program (3 years)
  • Monash University – Engagement Office – Mentoring program

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Enabling organisations to be worthy of the commitment of employees