About Organisations That Matter

Organisations That Matter works with organisations that understand that they have human beings, not human resources. A resource is a computer, an office building, a chair, a table. Human beings are not resources. We are far more complex than resources and when treated as human beings, can deliver extraordinary results, no matter what our role.

Humans, when fully engaged with their work, are happier in their communities and family lives. So, the world really is a better place when humans are treated as humans in the workplace. And that is why we exist. We truly want to make the world a better place, one human being at a time.

We tend not to be engaged by organisations that don’t share this view about their people, but are often engaged to help organisations move from seeing their people as resources to seeing them as human beings, and we love being involved in those journeys!

We do this by helping leaders, their teams and/or entire organisations move Beyond Being Good. It is one thing to be good at what you do, but another to be extraordinary at what you do. Being extraordinary results in you, your team and your organisation creating the outcomes you desire. We educate leaders in the practices and tools associated with Servant Leadership which produce evidence-based outcomes that are both great for people and for business results. Great business results do not have to be at the expense of great outcomes for the people in your organisation.

If you are good at what you do but want to be extraordinary then we will support you, challenge you and educate you so that you can break through the barriers that are holding you back from the business performance you know you know you can create. And, in the process, enable the human beings in your organisation to shine.

Are you up for the challenge?

Our model involves three components:

  1. We establish a conceptual agreement on what is to be achieved;
  2. We determined how success will be measured, from both Lead and Lag indicator perspectives; and
  3. We agree on fees based on the agreed value of the project.

Our recent clients include:

  • Metro Trains Melbourne
  • MAB Corp
  • Landmark Operations
  • Programmed Group
  • City of Whitehorse
  • City of Perth
  • Melbourne University Sport
  • Leica Biosystems
  • Glen Waverley Primary School
  • AFL Coaches Association
  • Monash University
  • MONSU Caulfield Inc.
  • RMIT University

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