OTM Service Strategy®

If you are frustrated with the quality of your team or organisations service quality then our simple service excellence framework is exactly what you need.

Too many people over complicate service excellence. The fact is, every one of us knows when we are receiving service excellence or not. Therefore all of us are capable of knowing whether the service that we provide to others is of an acceptable standard.

A simple yet powerful question to ask yourself or your team is, “If I were a customer of myself, would I be satisfied with the standard of service that I have received?”.

If your answer is “Yes” then how will ensure that your answer is “Yes” tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on? If your answer was “No”, then at least you know that you can only improve.

Establishing a clear service excellence strategy is the most comprehensive way to ensure that your service delivery is continuously at the standards that your customers expect.

Our seven steps to service excellence include:

  1. Make the decision to create a high performing culture built upon service excellence
  2. Understand the expectations of your customers
  3. Establish and/or align existing service standards to be able to meet/exceed your customer’s expectations
  4. Develop the people that you have to be able to implement your service standards, and ensure that you recruit the right people
  5. Listen to your people, your customers, your key stakeholders
  6. Measure how you are performing against your service standards
  7. Recognise and reward your people for providing great service

In addition to the seven key elements above consider the benefits of establishing and imbedding your culture for service excellence by developing your very own Service Excellence Awards program.

The OTM Service Strategy® is a set of systems and processes that can be applied to any organisation that wishes to imbed service excellence as a core aspect of its culture.

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