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‘Beyond Being Good’ Mentoring Options

Identifying the success you desire for your career and/or your life is one thing, managing the various hurdles and interruptions that life puts in your way is another.

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if your biggest frustrations and concerns were no longer present in your life. Seriously, what would that feel like?

Create More Success with Gary Ryan - Organisations That Matter

What would it be like if you were truly living the life you desire? Have you given yourself enough freedom to know exactly what your answer to that question is?

When answering the following question, “What is the success that you have identified worth to you?” the majority of people with whom I work have responded with answers ranging from “Millions” to “It’s invaluable. It’s worth so much I can’t put a price on it.”

Having an experienced coach guide you along your path to your definition of success makes a significant difference to your capacity to achieve the success you desire.

I have had the absolute pleasure of being mentored/coached by Gary Ryan in a new senior management role where I have been leading a high performance culture change program. The organisation that I inherited had been performing at a ‘good’ level which is why I engaged Gary’s support. Moving from ‘good’ to ‘great’ is often harder than moving from ‘bad’ to ‘good’.

Through Gary’s wisdom, advice and ability to marry theory with reality I have been able to work with my team to set realistic and timely goals for our progress. In just under 12 months I have been delighted with the progress we have made in such a short period of time. All of which would not have been possible without Gary’s support.”
Frank Catalano, Principal

What’s on offer?

You will receive one on one mentoring with me, Gary Ryan, founder of Organisations That Matter, expert facilitator, author and executive coach.

Think about it. What is living a balanced life worth to you?

What is learning skills that you don’t even know that you need to know worth to you?

How much will your career benefit from you being not just better, but the best at what you do?

What will that be worth to you, if from nothing else but a financial perspective?

A single promotion, a single pay rise, the opportunity to land a better job, improving relationships that matter to you will more than pay for themselves through your investment in this mentoring program. In fact, I even guarantee this service. In other words, if you don’t believe that you are getting value that is at least equivalent to your fees, then I will refund you 100% of your fee. It really is that simple.

As an example one of my clients, after working with him for 18 months, just received a $70K payrise and a $60K bonus for the past financial year. Needless to say he has received a significant promotion and is doing the work he loves.

Another client, a school principal, is now heading a school that is ranked in the top 2% in the State of Victoria after it was only ranked in the top 40% when I started working with him four years ago.

These are just a couple of examples of the successes I have been able to assist people in creating.

If you purchase a 10 session package or more, in addition to working one on one with me so that we focus 100% on your journey, you will receive exclusive access to a full suite of resources that include:

  • Full membership to the Yes For Success program for planning for and executing a life of balance and success
  • Access to an online What Makes People Tick Personality Profile Assessment;
  • Automatic enrollment into the What Really Matters For Young Professionals! Online Program which includes a wide range of extra information, tools and templates that are not included in the book (by the way, if you are a Senior Manager and are concerned that this material may not be ‘for you’, see what Malcolm Deery, Group General Manager for Health and Safety at the Programmed Group had to say about the book which he shared on

    Like all “truths” that underpin the world we live in, which is what this book talks to, it is expressed simply but rich in meaning. I would encourage Young Professionals to keep this book at hand as the learning value will come from regular reading and re-reading and thereby allowing the principles to unfold iteratively. It is a book that very much lends itself to an ongoing refresh approach to personal development. Also, the Young Professionals title can be deceptive. If you are more mature in your career but haven’t been able to:

    • Use stories to engage and lead people
    • Identify and apply personal values in your “brand”,
    • or you don’t appreciate the strengths of being healthy, or the limitations of poor mental models this book provides a richness of learning opportunity to enhance your leadership style and value.

    Malcolm Deery, Programmed Group

  • Automatic access to the Moving Beyond Being Good series of videos
  • Discounted access to new resources and materials as they are released.

So how does this work?

The mentoring will take place via Skype and/or Google Plus hangout.

The service includes:

1. Any number of 60 minute mentoring sessions (you define how many sessions that you wish to have or you purchase a 10 session package that results in a 20% reduction in your fees).

Buy single sessions

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Buy 10 sessions

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This service is for you if
  • You are unsure about your current direction;
  • You would appreciate an independent perspective;
  • You have limited access to experience;
  • You wish to go to the ‘next level’ in your life/career; and
  • You recognise the value being offered by this service.

Your guarantee!

Remember you are guaranteed to receive at the very least equivalent value for what you have spent.

This is how confident I am that I can help you to achieve the success you desire. I am willing to risk my time working one on one with you! This is a no risk opportunity!

Act now!

Purchase a 10 x CREATE MORE SUCCESS Sessions package and receive a 20% discount off the total price of the package – you save over $500!

You will also receive access to resources (videos, slideshare productions, assessment tools and more) that are only provided to long term coaching/mentoring clients. Access to these resources is maintained while you remain a client.

Buy single sessions

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Buy 10 sessions

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Traditional Mentoring/Coaching Program

If you would prefer a more traditional in person mentoring/coaching option, please email to discuss this option (Please note that corporate rates apply for in person mentoring/coaching programs).

I look forward to helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Potential Tax Benefits

Please check with a Qualified Tax Accountant but various countries around the world allow the investment that you make in your own development to be included as a deduction on your taxable income.

Still not sure?
Why not register for a complimentary 20 minute Skype conversation to see whether this approach for enabling you to create the success your desire is right for you.

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