Executive Coaching Fact Sheet - Organisations That MatterGary’s gift is the ability to close the gap between theory and practice. Gary enables you to become clearer about how you see the world, and the options that are available to you to help you to be a better leader for your followers, your organisation, and yourself.

Improved performance is what matters.

Gary will help you to become more effective as he supports you on your ongoing learning journey. Mastering leadership is never ending; despite having practised basic kata for many years, a martial arts master will be seen working on the most basic kata as part of their effort to master their craft. Leadership is very similar.

Leading in a manner that is great for your followers results in them being more engaged and happy at work. This creates higher productivity and efficiencies, which are great for your organisation. As you increase your clarity about how to be an effective leader, your satisfaction with your performance increases and you become happier with your work. As you’ll discover when you work with Gary, ‘Clarity is everything!‘.

A significant aspect of Gary’s work with you is raising your awareness about your mental models. These are your theories about how you believe the world works. In most cases, they are sub-conscious, yet they directly impact your behaviour and your performance. Your mental models will affect what you believe that you can and can’t do, as well as what you believe the people around you can and can’t do.

The main issue with your mental models is not whether they are right or wrong. The issue is whether or not they are useful. To assess a mental model’s usefulness, you must first become aware of what it is. Then it can be assessed. If it is not useful, then you seek a more useful mental model and implement it.

Chris Argyris, the famed organisational behaviour researcher from Harvard University, says that “Real learning only ever occurs when you change a mental model”.


Gary’s coaching is bespoke. This means that it is structured according to your specific needs. That said, you are provided with access to Gary’s intellectual property, which includes teaching you how to modify and implement a range of structured programs into your specific organisation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • How to create and maintain high performing teams through Teams That Matter®
  • How to create a maintain a culture based on service excellence through the OTM Service Strategy®
  • How to cultivate Leadership That Matters®
  • How to conduct Conversations That Matter® and OTM Strategic Conversations®
  • How to ensure that you are living a balanced life through the Yes For Success Plan For Personal & Professional Success® program.

At the commencement of your program, Gary will identify what is in and what is out of your program and how your progress will be measured, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

How often will we meet?

Clients generally book ten sessions over 12 months. This can be modified according to your needs. The sessions can also be used in a variety of ways. For example, some clients will initially book three sessions once every fortnight to help them get started. They may then move to monthly sessions for the remainder of their seven sessions, including some longer periods between sessions to allow for annual leave, Christmas holidays etc.

Other clients book their sessions monthly.

Should an issue arise and you would benefit from immediate support, a session can easily be arranged.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are up to 90 minutes duration.

Meeting modes


These sessions will be conducted in person, generally at your office or our premises at 350 Collins Street Melbourne. Some clients prefer to meet in cafes, and this can also be arranged.


Since 2009, Gary has been coaching executives through online services such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you have a different technology that you would prefer to use, your request will be accommodated.  Online tools allow both participants to share screens and for the meeting to be recorded if desired.  Sessions can be conducted from anywhere in the world.


A combination of in-person and online sessions can be arranged if that is your preference.

“Does my arrangement include working with my team or within my organisation?”

Gary regularly works with his client’s teams, departments or the whole organisation. This speeds up the implementation process of what you are being taught and enables you to be a participant rather than a facilitator.

Working with your team or within your organisation is outside the boundaries of your specific coaching relationship. Should you require Gary to facilitate workshops and/or programs for your team or organisation, these activities will be quoted separately to your coaching services.


You will receive access to email and telephone support (within reason). Gary understands that a quick email with a link to some important information, or a five-minute telephone conversation can provide clarity that can make a big difference to your performance. This type of support is provided as part of your arrangement.

If, however, a telephone call is moving beyond 10 minutes, then Gary will stop and check if you would like the call to be included as one of your sessions.

Gary’s experience

Organisations That Matter was founded in February 2007. Since then Gary been coaching senior executives in the following industries:

  • Industrial services
  • Public transport
  • Hospitality
  • Education (primary and tertiary)
  • Local Government, State Government and Commonwealth Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Building & Construction
  • Health & Fitness
  • Australian Football League

In addition to his coaching services, Gary’s consulting services have been provided to the following industries:

  • Federal and State Government Departments and agencies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical services (equipment)
  • Communications
  • Higher Education
  • University Sport


Fees are based on the agreed value that we have established for your service. This will be measured by the agreed quantitative and qualitative measures and ensures that the value you receive far exceeds the fees that you are charged.

All coaching clients receive access to the Beyond Being Good Video Series– see below.

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