Effective Communication

Workshop Overview

Effective communication is a key to career success. Given the complexities associated with performing as an effective communicator it is critical that students continue to develop this skill.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Discovered the essence of effective communication in an organisational context;
  • Have a practical understanding of how social networking tools are used effectively within organisations;
  • Learned key insights regarding how to use LinkedIn effectively; and
  • Had an opportunity to experience a salary negotiation.

Delivery Options

  • Variable depending on your needs
  • On-site or online options available
  • Please Contact Us to discuss your bespoke program
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“Well facilitated program that addressed some key issues for managers and employees in the business environment. Great real life examples and engaging activities.”

Clare Higgins, undergraduate

“It’s really worth the time! Very good example to prove and show the actual communication that occurs both in corporation and outside corporation. The session shows us how to build a relationship not in a short term but in a long term relationship.”

Ricky Kumala, undergraduate

“It helps me to understand more about communication and its challenges and it helps me to know how I can deliver clear information to other parties. This workshop is really useful for me now and in the future.”

Gladys Khrisnafoe, undergraduate

“The session has been useful as I have learnt the importance of communication in the workplace and how miscommunication can affect the relationships between co-workers.”

Feby Priscilla Wijoya, undergraduate

“Useful stuff for practice. You can apply it to real life situations. If I really follow the session today, my communication skills will surely be more effective.”

Jangela Nu, undergraduate

“The workshop is extremely helpful for myself and my future job. By learning those communication skills, I would be able to be confident about interacting with people.”

Sinh Binh Nguyen, undergraduate

“I found this session very intellectually engaging. I liked how it got us to interact and implement ways to go about most things.”

Anna Ung, undergraduate

“Learnt a lot about communication, how to deal with the challenges and how to use it effectively. Recommend this session to others.”

Katherine, undergraduate

“Helpful in understanding effective ways to communicate.”

Carol Fong, undergraduate

“I found that these communication tools I learnt are applicable in many areas of my life. Going through this workshop has really highlighted for me that there are certain ways to ensure you can effectively communicate, and also areas I need to work on. Always a pleasure Gary.”

Angelique Etiennette, undergraduate

How to get started
To get started contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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