Exploring Leadership That Matters®

Workshop Overview

Students will discover how to apply a values based approach to management roles and how to work as a formal leader within an organisational context. They will explore leadership from the perspective of drafting their own, Personal Blueprint that will be used to guide them on their leadership journey.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Explored your thoughts on formal leadership;
  • An awareness of your core personal values and how they relate to a formal leadership role;
  • Identified the characteristics of effective formal leaders; and
  • Clarified your thinking and approach to how you will tackle formal leadership roles as they present themselves throughout your career, including how you can relate these lessons to existing leadership roles at university and/or in the community.

Delivery Options

  • Variable depending on your needs
  • On-site or online options available
  • Please Contact Us to discuss your bespoke program
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“Thanks Gary, it’s a fantastic seminar, even better the second time around! Thanks for giving us your time. Phoebe Vaneveld-Taylor, undergraduate

“Many thanks Gary. A very useful session which drew out some things that I struggle to work out on my own. Made me think more deeply about my motivations and behaviour. Provision of extra reading/research resources very useful also.” Matthew Battew, undergraduate

“Very well emphasises that there’s no one skill ideal for leadership and that one size doesn’t fit all. Examples very relevant.” Jon Allemand, undergraduate

“I have been to quite a few leadership training sessions and this was by far one of the best! Very useful, very applicable, very sound and very engaging! Thank you Gary, all the best.” Michelle Stanhope, undergraduate

“Really enlightening and major impact to how I will view leadership in practice in the future.” Teresa Zampaglione, undergraduate

“Really insightful, effectively and clearly expressed.” Michael JJ Wilson, undergraduate

“Thought-provoking session. I can imagine I’ll definitely use some of the key strategies and tips Gary shared in my current work and future leadership roles.” Rosemary Dodd, undergraduate

“Really enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to reflect on my values and leadership style.” Michelle Ginnivan, undergraduate

“Very knowledgeable and informative thank you. Good skills to take away for the future.” Oliver Edwards, undergraduate

“A great example of everything he preaches. Gary is a very enthusiastic and passionate leader.” Michael Lincoln, undergraduate

“Once again Gary, a fantastic couple of hours of inspiring, motivating and incredibly useful information. A positively excellent use of my time.” Chris Sagewood, undergraduate

“This is my second session with Gary Ryan and Organisations That Matter and once again I have come away feeling extremely motivated and confident in my abilities to be the best leader I can be, with a deeper understanding of how I can apply this knowledge in situations.” Megan Wilson, undergraduate

“Gary was extremely motivating – he was warm, personable and interested in our learning and responses. His session was interactive, promoting noteworthy discussions and really hitting the key notes of the purpose of the session. Thanks.” Toni Williams, undergraduate

“I found the workshop particularly useful. I have been impressed with the way that each of the workshops complement one another. Gary has always done a great job. I’ve taken away a lot that will help me in my life and I am enthused and inspired following the classes. Excellent!” Nick Diaz, undergraduate

“Really useful for my personal development. The values awareness was really important to me, and I hadn’t addressed this before. Time for one on one development would be great.” Rafael Ward, undergraduate

How to get started
To get started contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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