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“Great advice in helping dreams become reality! Thank you so much for saying things I’ve been searching for but never knew how to start. Keep up the great work!”
Alice Kim, Monash University Faculty of Law, Ambassador Program

Many people are not clear about what they want. As a result they get ‘stuck’ in their current situation, not really happy about what they are doing but stuck nonetheless. They get up, go to work, do their job, go home, spend some time with their partner and kids (if they have any) and repeat the same thing five days per week. Luckily the weekend provides some respite from the boring and repetitive nature of their life.

While many of these people are able to maintain a reasonable level of performance in their jobs and life, the truth is their passion for life is long buried. You know who we’re talking about. You see them everyday. Hey, you might even see this person each morning when you look in the mirror!

Over time the years roll by, career opportunities seem to reduce, the waist gets that bit larger, the children have their own lives and you really start to wonder what it is all about. Those dreams that you had when you were younger seem like they were dreamt by a complete stranger. “Did I really think that I could do all those things?” you wonder to yourself.

The fact is that dreams really can come true. People can and do live the lives that they desire. But it’s not magic or some special ‘secret’ that does the trick. It is clarity, planning and focused effort. In fact it is no different to an organisation creating the future that it’s desires. Could you imagine working for a company that wasn’t clear about where it was going or how it would get there? Yet many people seem to live their lives this way.

Our extensive experience has confirmed that everyone has the capacity to create the future that they desire. We know this to be true because we have done it ourselves! Many people think that they have to have specific detail about their future before they can create it. For most people this thinking is flawed. Understanding the characteristics of the future that you desire and why you want those characteristics in your life is what is most important. All of us, with some focus and effort, can identify these characteristics for ourselves and why we want them.

Once the characteristics of our desired future are identified, we are then able to focus on our current situation. Providing we are honest with ourselves the structure that we create by identifying our desired future and identifying our current situation enables us to develop the plans that will take us toward our desired future. This is as simple as the answering these three questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. Where am I now in relation to what I want?
  3. How will I get from where I am to what I want?

OTM Plan for Personal Success®

Our OTM Plan For Personal Success® Program enables you to discover the future that you really want for yourself and provides you with the tools to develop your plans to make that future real. The program helps you to identify the step by step actions that will be required for you to become successful in alignment with your own definition of success.

For the first time in your life you will see ‘How’ you can create the life that you want. You will also discover that you are already doing a number of things that will help you to create the future that you want. This is always encouraging because you won’t be starting from a blank sheet (even if you think that you will be!). You will also discover a number of actions that you will need to start doing as well as a number of actions that you will need to stop doing.


“Excellent content delivered in an excellent way. It was an enjoyable course that delivered well targeted content. As a person that has trouble putting plans into action it has been very helpful. Thanks very much Gary!”
Tom Sherburn, National Australia Bank

A range of programs exist including:

  • A three hour workshop to create a high level One Page OTM Plan For Personal Success®
  • A one day workshop to create a more detailed OTM Plan for Personal Success®
  • A two day seminar designed to enable all participants to create a detailed OTM Plan for Personal Success®
  • A two and a half day program spread over a four week period to enable the creation of a fully developed OTM Plan For Personal Success® team member, as well as integrating that plan with organisational goals and objectives. This version is ideal for existing teams who wish to enhance their individual and collective performance in a manner that is consistent with the achievement of personal and organisational goals
  • Personalised one on one programs where you are guided every step of the way while you create your very own OTM Plan for Personal Success®
  • A soon to be released webinar based program
  • A soon to be released Online Course delivered directly to your email inbox

The first action to commence creating the future that you desire is only a click away. To learn more about our range of Desired Futures programs please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.



One of those actions was for the Executive Team to develop Individual Plans for Personal Success, and to share and relate those plans to the desired future for our division within our organisation. Developing an OTM Plan for Personal Success® was an inspiring experience with Andrew and Gary guiding myself and the rest of the Executive Team through the process.Sharing our plans with each other catalysed conversations that were powerful and enabled us to develop a deeper understanding of each other. Prior to the program I had felt that we already had a deep understanding of each other, completing the OTM Plan for Personal Success® program enabled our relationships to go to another level.
Geraldine Storton, Vice President, Global Program Management
Hospira, USA

Darren Harris, Head of Development for the Carlton Football Club (Australian Football League) provides a testimonial for Gary Ryan and Organisations That Matter.


Teams and Organisations face the same challenges

It is not just individuals who benefit from clarifying and working towards their desired future. Companies, communities, organisations of all types, and teams all face the challenge of achieving their desired future.

Our Desired Futures for Organisations and Desired Futures for Teams Programs facilitate, build on and connect with your Plan For Personal Success to ensure shared vision enables people to work together to achieve the results they desire.

The first action to commence creating the future that you desire is only a click away. To learn more about our range of Desired Futures programs please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.

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