Introduction To Applying Project Management Techniques To Your Research

Workshop Overview

This program is now it its eleventh consecutive year at one of Australia’s top universities, and is open to all research students from all faculties. We must be doing something right to continue to be invited back year after year. Of course, the program has evolved and is continually updated over time.

Approximately 85% of research graduates do not work in academia. For many, the recruitment process involves them being interviewed by professionals whom have NOT completed a PhD.

Given the prevalence of project management practices in today’s organisations, this workshop provides research students with a project management lens through which to identify the complex skills they develop while completing their research.

The intent of this workshop is NOT to persuade students they are Project Managers. Rather, it is to persuade them that they are developing complex project management, leadership, and transferable skills that are essential for a successful career.

The language students from Project Management can then be applied to interviews, enabling Research Graduates to shine when applying for jobs.

As an added bonus, student create a draft plan for the completion of the Confirmation Stage of their research journey. For more than 90% of students whom have attended this workshop, this is the first detailed plan they create. The plan can then be used for a high quality conversation with their supervisors to ensure they stay on track and complete their milestones on time and in full, every time.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  •  A deep understanding of the complex transferable skills they develop throughout their research project
  • Developed a draft plan for the relevant stage of their research for discussion with their supervisors

Delivery Options

  • Variable depending on your needs
  • On-site or online options available
  • Please Contact Us to discuss your bespoke program
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“Great session to remind me that being organised from the beginning is so valuable. Gary is an engaging presenter and makes the information relevant. Thanks Gary.”

Christine Elliott PhD Candidate

“Very useful. Need to start good habits and continuing the planning process. Thank you Gary!”

Jessica Lyndonv PhD Candidate

“Focusing on the microscopic aspect of task identification to achieve milestones was very instructive. Thanks also for identifying how to maintain vision and acknowledging that the journey to that vision can be dynamic. Thanks Gary much appreciated!”

Jocelyn Hargrave PhD Candidate

“I found today’s session helpful and very informative. Despite being in the final stages of my candidature Gary’s insights into managing and staying up to date with my PhD has been stimulating. A very professional and approachable presenter who really engaged with us and our projects. Thanks.”

Fiona MacDonald PhD Candidate

“I am really glad I took the time out from my work to do this seminar. It was a fantastic learning experience.”

Jessica Taft PhD Candidate

“Really valuable content you provided today, prepared well. The examples you’ve given are relevant and interesting. The whole workshop is really inspiring.”

Yutong Song PhD Candidate

How to get started
To get started contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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