The Science of Public Speaking

Workshop Overview

This workshop is ideal for students who are concerned about their public speaking. The program will focus on seven practical aspects of public speaking and will include some high level advice on the use of PowerPoint. Students can expect to significantly enhance their confidence in public speaking as a result of this course.

Students will learn practical techniques for public speaking from a student perspective in conjunction with the career development aspects of public speaking.

Students will need to bring their laptop and a USB stick with them so that you can prepare a five minute presentation for the second part of the workshop. This is a practical workshop. The more concerned students are about public speaking the more this program is perfect for them, especially those students for whom English is another language!

Due to the practical nature of this workshop it is limited to 15 participants.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will:

  • Understand seven critical skills for effective public speaking;
  • Have prepared, presented and received structured feedback from their peers and the facilitator on a three-minute, low technology speech;
  • Have enhanced their confidence in terms of public speaking in any context;and
  • Have prepared, presented and received structured feedback from their peers and the facilitator on a five minute speech with an accompanying presentation.

Delivery Options

  • Variable depending on your needs
  • On-site or online options available
  • Please Contact Us to discuss your bespoke program
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“I really appreciated Gary’s enthusiasm, dedication, energy and huge skills as a presenter. He got all of us in this class involved and interested and we all made a great improvement in our speaking skills and confidence. I really enjoyed my day and I am very grateful for the chance to have gained this very valuable help.” Sarah Vincent, postgraduate student

“This session has built my confidence a lot better to speak in front of people. I’ve learned so many skills. I hope I’ll be better next time. Thank you Gary!” Delya Budhi Mayasari, postgraduate student

“It’s interesting to come here and learn public speaking. It is good to get feedback from Gary and other presenters. Gary’s way to present is really easy to get, and that is why this is useful. Great one.” Xiaosi Ma, postgraduate student

“I strongly recommend this to my friends! Useful skills in speaking and very useful practice with peers, and I got so much lovely feedback – it really helps.” Xinbei He, postgraduate student

“Thank you Gary! This workshop was and will continue to be useful to me in relation to the skills and confidence in public speaking. The materials were organised very clearly, the pace was comfortable for all of us and Gary himself is very passionate about his teaching. I also appreciated that he took and spent time answering our questions. Very memorable workshop!” MireilleHandoyo, postgraduate student

“Gary is clear, attentive and consistent. The content of the session is fairly valuable and approachable. Gary also tailored the content with pre-attending surveys so in that way he addressed every single concern I had before about public speaking, e.g. too aware of audience and easy to get distracted. Practice time is valuable as well, because not much chances I can get practice within a supportive environment. Thanks!” Yang Min, postgraduate student

“This lecture really helps. Now I’m well aware of my ability and I’m more confident. Hope I’ll be better organised with your seven principles.” ShutingSun, postgraduate student

“Fantastic course. Perfectly structured. Learnt a lot. Will definitely help me in my future, personally and professionally.” Brett Joffe, postgraduate student

“Very good course, especially for us who treat English as the second language. “ Qiuyun Zhang, postgraduate student

“An excellent day. Great tips on public speaking and a great environment to hone my skills. I would do this workshop again.” Thomas Lobley, undergraduate student

“The workshop is very good. It helped me a lot to reduce my anxiety in front of the public. Thank you for arranging this workshop. It is better to continue to arrange this kind of workshops in the future.” Sudheera Samarakoon, postgraduate student

“Emphasised the most important points of presentations. Really motivational!” Jennifer Thai, undergraduate student

“It’s quite useful to know these tips about presentations. I believe it will be very useful in my future career as well.” Qianwen Luo, postgraduate student

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How to get started
To get started contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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