The Seven Skills of Dialogue

Workshop Overview

Dialogue is an oral form of communication. The term ‘Dialogue’ is often used, but in practice it is poorly understood and executed. To remedy this situation, students will be taught the Seven Skills of Dialogue over a two part series of three hour workshops. The program will allow the students to practice Dialogue between sessions so that they can report their successes and challenges in Part 2 of the program. The program involves learning about and practicing the skills associated with Dialogue.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop students will have:

  • Be able to place dialogue in the Conversation Continuum;
  • Have an understanding of the Seven Skills of Dialogue;
  • Have progressed your development in the practice of Dialogue;
  • Have access to a range of tools to assist you in their use of dialogue; and
  • Be able to apply the skills of dialogue to other forms of communication to enhance communication effectiveness and skills.

Delivery Options

  • Variable depending on your needs
  • On-site or online options available
  • Please Contact Us to discuss your bespoke program
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“Another great session from Gary. He is undoubtedly one of the best presenters of relevant leadership training that is simple and powerful. I didn’t realize I could get so much more out of my dialogue. I am practicing the technique every day. Time well spent – Thanks Gary.”

David Graham, postgraduate student

“I am very satisfied by what Gary delivered in 2 seminars with the topic ‘Dialogue Skills’. I will apply it in my career and life to get more success in my career and in my personal life. I would like to recommend this workshop to future students.”

Hung Quoc Nguyen, postgraduate student

“Extremely useful, provides an understanding of effective communication in the workplace, can also be used in everyday situations. You can really see the application through the activities and conversations during class. Really enjoyed it!”

Samuel Lawrence Tann, postgraduate student

“The workshop highlighted to me the importance of good dialogue. It also gave me skills to improve my own communication ability. The skill of reflection was also something I will try with my future work teams to get shared understanding and improved performance.”

Jeremy Coombe, postgraduate student

“I found that the activities are stimulating. I can reflect to my current dialogue capability. I know how to apply it in group assignments/discussions. I am aware that I have choices, even though the choices are not easy. Great content. Personal experiences are great to be used as examples so we can relate and understand easier.”

Adina Nur Hidayatri, postgraduate student

“Communication is what we people do to interact with each other. Reflecting on the skills of communication is beneficial for my future, and definitely improve my skills to improve relationships. Thank you. Have a good day!”

Katharina Sumantri, postgraduate student

“All students should take up this program. Too often we assume we know dialogue or how to dialogue effectively with others. I thought so, but I was surprised as to how limited my understanding and take on dialogue was. Really helped and I am positive it has changed me on how I use dialogue from now on, both personally and professionally.”

Gemma M. Matainaho, postgraduate student

“Great workshop to help facilitate great dialogue.”

Adnan Ali, postgraduate student

“Opens your mind to how you communicate – explores the way you think. Helps you identify what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.”

Dorota Rachel, postgraduate student

“It would be great to have similar programs as part of EMBA LPD and I’m sure a large group of people would be interested to join. Great work Gary and very useful sessions.”

Afshin Mashayekhi, postgrduate student

“A very useful two day program with a good balance of theory and practical activities.”

Victor Liu, postgraduate student

“I’ve done this session last year, but it is very useful to refresh the key principles. Excellent program. University should have an entire unit dedicated to this type of program.”

Samuel Lawrence Tann, postgraduate student

“A great workshop. Really allowed me to reflect on how I communicate with others. A fantastic opportunity. Thanks Gary!”

Shaminee Muthu, postgraduate student

“Good workshop for self-awareness and improve communication skills. Good facilitator and full of energy.”

Ken Teh, postgraduate student

“This workshop is quite useful in terms of giving me a more logical way at looking into dialogue/conversation, and I learnt how to communicate with others more effectively.”

Yike Kang, postgraduate student

“Fantastic. The more I learn about self-awareness and tools like dialogue the more I realise how much more I have to learn. Extremely worthwhile.”

Briony Dowling, postgraduate student

“Thanks again Gary! Great insight and constantly adding to my repertoire! I’ll get practicing.”

Hayley Wright, postgraduate student

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How to get started
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