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Based on the Yes For Success Plan For Personal Success® Program, this program will result in your students or staff developing their own plan for Life Balance, Personal and Professional Success. Unlike most career planning programs, this program has a whole of life approach that will result in your students or staff clarifying the steps they need to take to create the future they desire.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop your students or staff will have:

  • Discovered the Core Concept that underpins creating the future they desire;
  • Learned the Five Principles for Life Balance, Professional and Personal Success
  • Identified the Six Vital Strategies for creating the future they desire; and
  • Created their own, personalised plan for Life Balance, Personal and Professional Success.

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“I like the conference, it was very powerful to learn skills for success. I really was looking for this workshop, it was amazing that we could learn skills before studies start. You could plan and project your goals and make them a reality.”Maria Camila Rubiano, postgraduate

“A motivational program that is a pleasant surprise when I registered during orientation.”  Alvin Katvari, postgraduate

“Great workshop! Created a detailed plan for success for the first time in my life. This workshop has left me feeling more motivated and determined to obtain success than ever before. Gary is a very likeable, encouraging, and engaging speaker. Thanks so much!” Phoebe Costello, postgraduate

“Even though I had planned a lot of things for my masters for the next years, this workshop helped me gain more insight about my goals and shed light on some newer things I had to do. This was totally new to me. I would totally recommend this workshop to anyone interested in planning for their future.”Frank Leonardo Espinoza Carreon, postgraduate

“Just before university actually kicks in, it was really great to receive some important life education. I found the information important and it makes it so much easier to know what to do as my next step. Thank you Gary!” Ze Yi (Cindy) Hu, undergraduate

“The workshop in general helped raise questions about myself that i had never thought of before. Starting university this year is when students including myself really feel like they can start living their lives and so being able to plan our future effectively is extremely useful. Thank you very much.” Victoria Perani, undergraduate

“Great workshop Gary. It’s not often that I sit in one spot for three hours straight with 100% concentration. I also wish I had this back in first year, but better late than never.” Roger Kamath, undergraduate

“I am at a turning point in my life where my academic career is about to end and I’ve been feeling confused about what direction to take. So the workshop was really helpful to me to establish a framework and plan to follow to create momentum in my life.”  Urvashi Goel, undergraduate

“I would like to have support to maintain and make life-balance throughout my life. I wanted to have the confidence to go out and actually implement the dream I always keen to have and be able to help a lot of people with providing them opportunities as volunteers or in jobs which I found but really passionate about.” Uyunarrahmah Zissiva Lestari, undergraduate

“This workshop has been very motivating and inspirational. It has helped me identify my goals and improve self-awareness.” Gar Yee Jenny Lui, undergraduate

“This is exactly what I needed to kick off the second half of semester one and also to start thinking of my future. The elastic band of life really opened my e6yes to how I should effectively set and enact my goals.” Paolo De Leon, undergraduate

“Great workshop and definitely a nice and structured method for organising further plans where you can see it from many different aspects. Thanks Gary!” Hui Shi Keshia Kim, undergraduate

“Excellent program. Gary is witty, insightful, hardworking, genuine and informed about the topic he teaches. He is wonderful. Please include this for more students. Excellent!” Laju Nanawani, postgraduate

“Great workshop. Something that should be included in all undergraduate/postgraduate courses.” Oliver Clarke, postgraduate

“Love the way Gary delivers his subject. This is 100% useful to me. Love this course. Never had any idea of my success plan. Thanks to Gary as I have a clear success plan now.” Ajay Carki, postgraduate

“I found this workshop very useful. It gave me clear direction in terms of my vision. I’ve identified certain areas that need improvement, where I was getting things wrong and where I’m getting it right. I appreciated the workshop and the value of it.” Cynthia Mkutchwa, postgraduate

“Thanks for the words of wisdom Gary! I will be leaving with a clearer understanding of what I need to do in order to achieve my personal success.”  Hayley Wright, postgraduate

“I have received a lot out of the session. Some great topics, concepts and tools to focus on my personal success.”  Maryanne Mason, postgraduate

 “I found the session to be very motivational and informative. Gary is a great presenter and facilitator who is obviously very passionate and an expert in his field. I am very glad I overcame the resistance to attending and now have some work to do to put my plans into action – Thanks! I will recommend this program to others!”  Joel Graham, postgraduate

“This program has helped me to set a specific structure for my future plans, and I think the way it is structured is very effective and efficient.” David Ohlinger, postgraduate

“Gary was engaging during the session and it was a very thought provoking and interactive workshop. The session will undoubtedly assist me to first understand and plan for my personal future, but also implement a plan that’s holistic and sustainable. Thank you Gary.” Lisa Milani, postgraduate

 “Excellent workshop. Real mind opener. Gives a good opportunity to look into yourself and plan future steps.”  Aniket Deshpande, postgraduate

Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. I do enjoy this workshop and seeing all the words I’ve written down in the plan (I have a sense of fulfilment and believe that I could achieve something after this.” Shiyi Liu, postgraduate

“This workshop is really worth the time. This workshop showing a lot of stuff that actually helps us to go on the right track and achieve success.” Ricky Kumala, undergraduate

“This program has allowed me to not be afraid to implement my plans for the future. I have learnt the importance of a plan and how important it is to review the plan regularly.” Feby Priscilla Wijaya, undergraduate

“Gary has an incredible way of engaging people as he speaks. He has amazing knowledge on the topics of personal success and was able to describe success through his story telling.  This session has inspired me to make my own plan for personal success and to ensure that it is constantly evolving. My plan is going to help me lead a brilliant life.” Mia Lentini, undergraduate

“This workshop helped me to determine and more focus on my future, that I need to set any goal from now and what action should I do to achieve it.  Also not to be defeated by resistance on doing something that we like or even what we have not done.” Gladys Khrisna Foe, undergraduate

“It has been a valuable use of my time even coming into uni on the holidays. I definitely recommend this workshop for future Monas students. Creating a plan is definitely worth something to me as a plan can avoid regrets.”  Wing Lam Lau, undergraduate

“This was a fantastic opportunity to explore ‘me’ and now I feel that I really can achieve this plan to achieve my personal success. Thanks Gary.”  Betsy Sojan, undergraduate

“I feel like I have more confidence in setting out a plan for my future. Great seminar, with helpful hints to create a detailed plan and review of what my future may hold.” Ashlee Cox, undergraduate

“Learnt how to reach my goals. What I wrote down can actually happen. It is not impossible to reach success.”  Katherine Catrie, undergraduate

“I got up at 5.30 am to come to this program and it was 100% worth it!” Yolanda Allen, undergraduate

“I was not even sure if I could find a job in Melbourne or my home town, Ho Chi Minh City.  I was not sure where I want to be or ever bother to step out and figure out that I am afraid. But today, you make me realize that it doesn’t matter. I can just put a question mark on it and learn as the way it goes. And I have a little more trust in myself what I can do that I am passionate to do. Thank you.” Hanh Hong Nguyen, undergraduate

“This course gave me a great insight into the importance of planning. We spend 13 years at school. 3 years at university and this is the first time where we learn how to plan for the future.”  Gabrielle Kingston, undergraduate

”A very purposeful session. Too often I assume I know my values and assume that they match my vision. The session has created a realisation of myself (weaknesses/strengths) to better match my goals. Its helped me to identify my pathway to build on and improve from. Thank you Gary for such an insight to a more purposeful life.” Gemma Matainaho, postgraduate

“I feel the energy transfers inside myself. Being reminded that no resistance that you could not overcome and you could achieve what you’re thinking or dream of. Thanks for sharing Gary! And also thanks to Monash for facilitating this event!!” Katharina Sumantri, postgraduate

“Thank you good stuff and very challenging and helpful. I’m sure all these ideas/actions will make my life more successful.” Maurigo Rendon, postgraduate

“It is a really good workshop for me. It helps me find out what my dream is, what should I do (strategies) to achieve my dream, and how I realise my current reality to build my dream.” Ester Inggrid Hermanus, postgraduate

“A great overall program for anyone who doesn’t currently have a clear plan for life. This makes achieving overall goals more realistic and achievable.”Vania Elizabeth Tandagi, postgraduate

“I have some idea of what I should do and how I should do it. I think the difficulty for me will be to maintain it.” Katehip Varanyuwatana, postgraduate

“It would be even better if we were given an extra hour or so, just so that we can absorb information at a slower pace and have extra time to ponder and work on some of the activities during the session.” Dong Ho Han, postgraduate

“A really valuable workshop that has helped me to generate my own success plan. While there is still so much to do this is a great start. Gary provided us with great examples and was an energetic, insightful presenter.” Felicia Welstead, postgraduate

“Thank you this course is exactly what I needed to get back on track in my life!” Gerardo Gonzalez, postgraduate

“The Yes For Success Plan is a very good program. Gary is very knowledgeable in this area. Thank you.”  Akmalhakimi Abdullah, postgraduate

“Since I never think about to do any strategic planning before today’s workshop inspired me and give me lots of advice to making future plans.”  RuiZhi Zhu, postgraduate

“I had a wonderful Saturday today. Making a lifelong plan is so difficult but Gary makes it easier. Thank you so much!”  Shiyun Feng, postgraduate

“This is a very interesting study journey. I learned the five principles and six strategies. They are simple things, easy to understand and I learned how to achieve the goals. It is very useful for me.”  Zizhen Shao, postgraduate

 “Gary has been excellent as usual in his work and provided clarifications all the way to help us develop our personal career plans. This is a crucial step towards knowing what we are really expecting in terms of personal success in the next few years. The hands-on approach is very helpful to develop our analytical skills and helps to understand all the concepts in a practical mode. Class participation also helped to gain additional knowledge from different perspectives.”  Girish Aubeeluck, postgraduate

“Very motivating. Allowed clear, concise goals to be identified when previously ‘fuzzy’. Helped to guide / identify strategies to help achieve desired goals / outcomes. Forced more ‘internal investigation’ that had previously been put in the ‘too hard’ basket. Re-enforces the strength for personal / career growth when a plan can be followed and put into action.” Kelli Bradford, postgraduate

 “Great workshop! It was a really helpful and beneficial session to assist in planning and setting out my strategies in detail to achieve my goals successfully.” Megan Ong, undergraduate

“Excellent experience.”  Hokiu Lam, undergraduate

“It was a really worthwhile event and I took a lot out of it. It was really insightful and interesting and it widened my knowledge.” William Vien, undergraduate

“I found this program to be a good use of time, and provided me with some clarity as to what I want out of life. It has inspired me to take action in leading a balanced life – something I have previously struggled with. Thank You.”  Max Craig, undergraduate

“I found this program very useful. I was getting lost in terms of what I wanted my future to be like. I was basically floating through life…taking it as it comes. But this session gave me the focus as it broke down different aspects of my future and allowed me to set my goals in a more structured manner. Gary is an awesome speaker and is an inspiring person…the session was really worth it!”  Aunima Khondkar, undergraduate

“This has been an amazing workshop it has given me clarity for my career that has confused me thus far. The skills I have learnt today are invaluable and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.” Tamara O’Donnell, undergraduate

“The workshop helped me identify or re-inspire me to work on achieving my goals and my visions effectively. It allowed me to refocus my thinking as to how to achieve what I want.”   Kayleen Chia, undergraduate

“I found this most inspirational and helpful in allowing me to create goals and pathways to achieve them.”  Amelia Watson, undergraduate

“Very insightful and puts everything into perspective. My plans for the next few years are definitely more clear now. Gary is a great speaker.”  Lily Wu, undergraduate

“Many of the concepts and ideas have been present in my subconscious for a while. Gary’s workshop is helpful in that it brings these ideas to the fore providing clarification and was a valuable opportunity for self-reflection.” Jason Liu, undergraduate

“It was great to spend time thinking about my goals in life. It gives me direction and motivation to quit doing the things that detract me from achieving my ultimate passion. Now I have a plan for strategies toward my goal which I find practical.” Melissa Bao, undergraduate

“This one day session provides me a comprehensive guide to my personal plan. I will develop a full detailed plan at the end of the day. Gary Ryan is a smart, nice guy, he tells a lot of life stories that make the whole session more likeable that gives us confidence and examples to implement what I want to achieve. The one day session is worthy for me. Handouts are well presented. Overall it is a great workshop.” Tianyang Zhou, postgraduate

“It’s quite an informative seminar and really makes me think about the plans of my future. I will encourage my friends to take this seminar. It’s really refresh my mind and makes me want to change a bit from the present situation.” Xiaojing Li, postgraduate

“Coming here today I currently feel a bit lost. I have been making lots of plans but it did not actually work out. After systemic analysis of desired future I have gained lots of new aspects and views into life. Thank you. Also, very important to me I always don’t know what’s my passion. After I watch the video I was thinking about what Mr Jones said and then I just realise that I actually am passionate about trying new things and when I’m doing that I feel happy.” Bingtang Nicole Hu, postgraduate

“Gary is a great communicator, a ‘walking pearl of wisdom’. This workshop should be positioned for people at all levels i.e. not only for new career starters. Despite being in the workforce for more than a decade I still found this workshop to be very insightful and I learned new things. I will highly recommend this workshop to everyone who is serious enough about his/her future. Thank you Monash and Gary.” Olivia Kosasih, postgraduate

“The course helped me to write down and think about my life plan in detail. It helped to visualise my goals and how I can achieve them.” Benjamin Low, postgraduate

“Amazing. I honestly thank Gary for giving us those valuable platforms in life to succeed.” Porsha Chanelle Perera, undergraduate

“Providing another source of inspiration and learning. Highly valuable in motivating career development. Another perspective.” Jack Denson, undergraduate

“Great program – finally something has got me thinking about something further into the future than next weekend. Very valuable, glad I came!” Elspeth Taylor, undergraduate

“Invaluable experience. Interactive program.” Julia Chow, undergraduate

“The program was an invaluable experience which assisted me in developing my own personal plan, integral for long term success.” Shiyao Zhu, undergraduate

“This session was extremely useful.’ I have already had a vision of what I need but this session has really helped me to understand the steps I need to take in order to achieve it. Gary was great, very engaging and interesting to listen to.” Peter Melilli, undergraduate

“Gary was really great, motivated me to actually want to make a change in my life.” Emma Grey, undergraduate

“It was enlightening and really good to be given the opportunity to focus on personal development.” Olivia Na, undergraduate

“This is such a valuable workshop. It has made me more motivated to plan for my future and to be a more proactive individual.” Ting-Yu Michelle Chen, undergraduate

“Fantastic! Was great to learn how to make a career plan for the first time. Gary was so enthusiastic & knowledgeable. The workshop really helped to make me realise things about myself & what I want.” Stephanie Catus (Commercialisation Training Scheme)

“I appreciate the speech that Gary gives us. It is actually illustrating very clearly how to craft my own personal career and life plan. The charts that I wrote today are also very vital that I will follow up in the future.”  Wei Zhu (Master of Business – Risk Management)

“Writing down goals that have been floating around my head for a while have made those goals clearer. Also how to achieve these goals has become clearer by writing about them.” Simon Moorhead (Applied Econometrics)

“This was fantastic. I’ve never done this before and it really allowed me to assess myself & the future.” Carissa Ogden (Master of Business – Science and Technology)

“If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. This workshop provides in-depth planning to help discover my vision and goals that can shape me to reach my desired future. I really enjoyed it and it added value to my planning skills.” Timothy Soew, undergraduate

“I personally think that this program would be useful for me not only in my education but for my future career and even take it in to my daily life.” Hong Zheng Hg, undergraduate

“This workshop has made me think of things that I need to do to achieve my goals. It is a terrific workshop.” Calvin Halim, undergraduate

“I felt like this workshop was really useful and helped me to get motivated into planning how to achieve the goals I want in life.” Cindy Trieu, undergraduate

“A very unique 3 hours. Challenged me to acknowledge goals that I had previously dismissed believing they were unattainable. Very glad to have taken this time, a valuable experience which will be useful to me through my life.” Ashlyn McLean, undergraduate

“Very useful, eye opening to what seems obvious but don’t really give much thought too. Given me motivation to think and plan about the future my goals/dreams.” Matt Caruso, undergraduate

“Very helpful will most definitely implement this plan. I feel I need much more work getting all the details. I am a very organised person and I know planning works for me. It’s great to have a strategy to plan in a most successful way.” Natalie Ringenbergs, undergraduate

“Found it very enlightening, especially the way Gary stressed that every small piece of effort/strategy takes you closer to your goals. Liked that he said to continually reset plans once you achieve them so that there is always ‘tension’. Personalised worksheets were very useful.” Joshua Teng, undergraduate

“Great workshop. Gave me the opportunity to think and plan some important factors in my life that I otherwise would not have time to do. Provided some useful strategies I can apply in my own life.” Jaqueline Chan, undergraduate

“It was a very detailed and useful workshop. The workshop was definitely a valuable and worthwhile use of my time! I feel much more focused and ready to attain that future desired state of mind.”   Xing Yeh, undergraduate

“It was great to have such a motivated presenter. He easily engaged with us & covered very interesting content. I loved that the seminar was practical and related to us personally.”  Louise Taylor, undergraduate

“Really helped to identify my ‘vision’ about my future by forcing me to think about each aspect of my life. Now I really know what to strive towards and what strategies to adopt in order to achieve it.” Kai-Lee Looi, undergraduate

“This is the first post graduate workshop run by Business and Economics that I’ve attended. I was so impressed that I would definitely be attending more in future, especially as they are at no financial cost – what a fantastic value-adding service provided.” Angela Jayamaha, Master of Marketing

“A timely workshop that helped me with a road map to get to where I want to go. More importantly it helped me get a lot more clarity on exactly where it was I wanted to go.”   Ashwin Shah, MBA

“This program was fabulous, great fun and valuable. The opportunity to network and learn with a group in similar circumstances with similar goals was very valuable and I have no doubt today will make a critical contribution to my future success. It is one day of my life that I will remember forever as I reflect upon the insights from today for the rest of my life, Thanks K.”  Kerry McKeand, Master of Human Resource Management

“Very useful & effective workshop that let me break down things and issues & put things into perspective & let me have my own time out to reflect on my life & personal satisfaction.”  Sharon Ladowsky, undergraduate

“Great workshop – a skill I believe is vital to personal success and one I will use for years to come. Thanks Gary.”  Keri Towsey, undergraduate

“Made a lot of sense & is very practical. Awesome.”  Livia De Mello, undergraduate

“Great workshop, really helped me put my goals into perspective and figure out ways to achieve them.”  Laura Elliott, undergraduate

“The session was very informative and helped me to organise my goals and put me in the right mind set.”  Ferguson Ly, undergraduate

“Made me think, reflect, understand where I stand. And I gotta admit, I’m standing in a pretty good place. Now to reach higher.”  Suet-Ee Wee, undergraduate

“Great to get a better view of the future.”  Emily Ko, undergraduate

“The lessons learned today are going to change my life!” Mirnalini Jeganathan, undergraduate

“I found this workshop very useful as at this moment in time, I’ve been wandering around mostly aimlessly. Through this workshop, I’ve learnt how to prioritise and will finish it when I get home.” Martin Looi, undergraduate

“I found the workshop very insightful and helpful! Presenter was passionate and enthusiastic!”  Nadia Wong, undergraduate

“This workshop is great, particularly planning hierarchy and time frames”  Viet Hung Tran, Master of Human Resource Management

“The workshop is very useful to me. I can set up a clear plan for my future career and life. I can create my own path to go in search of success.” Anh Duyen Le, Master of Business (Banking and Finance)

“I am glad Monash organises such workshops as it definitely has contributed to a rounder education for me.”  Raihanna Putri Mohamed Yusoff, Master of Professional Accounting

“Very motivating and inspiring. It makes me refocus to my short term goals and encourage me to work really hard to give the fullest to my life.” Seline Lin Ya Feng, Master of Marketing

“The workshop is very helpful and I’m really get into and enjoy it. What I’ve learnt here sound simple but I didn’t think about them before. However, I think I can apply them now & make good use of them. Great experience!” Mai Anh Thi Nguyen, Master of Applied Finance

“Great example and experience to help understand more. Very useful & great explanation on such a big topic.”  Jeffrey Angun, Master of Banking and Finance

“I found the session very helpful & interesting. I realised I’d never really thought so far into the future goal wise and it was very interesting. Thanks.” Harriett Gibb, undergraduate

“This workshop provides guidelines for me to plan re study and career. The strategies & tools are useful.” Yingxian Ou, undergraduate

“This program really encouraged me to reflect on where I am currently at in this point of my life, and where I want my life to go. Thanks for a great session.” Emma Wu, undergraduate

“Excellent presentation. Has been able to give me a better idea of myself, my goals and how to go about achieving them.”  Steve Durston‐Ryan, undergraduate

“This workshop provides clear insight into the future plan.  I’m to develop the key contributors to achieve the plan.  It is really interesting workshop.” Venkata S. Iruku, MBA

“This program is a great one day workshop to enable students + professionals to clarify what their life goals are and develop strategies that enable them to achieve their goals.  Well done!”  Mike Da Gama, MBA

“Simple concepts such as having focus and vision, yet very effective.” Con Efremidis, MBA

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