Disruption Leadership Matters – Audio-book

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lessons for leaders from the pandemic

by Gary Ryan

Format: Audio-book (m4a version) in full book, by chapter and free eBook version. Enjoy!

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Disruption Leadership Matters  – lessons for leaders from the pandemic, combines theory and practice that highlights how influential leaders have led the people in their organisations throughout the pandemic. Founder of Organisations That Matter,  Leadership and high-performance culture expert author Gary Ryan highlights the critical differences between leaders who believe the people in their organisation are human beings versus leaders who believe they lead human resources. The disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. The human resources view of the world is no longer suitable, and the pandemic has surfaced all its 20th Century flaws. It is time for 21st Century leaders to step up and lead in a manner that is great for yourself, great for your employees, and great for your organisation’s bottom line.

As a father of five children, it is little wonder parents have said to Gary the book may well have been called, “Disruption Leadership Matters – lessons for parents from the pandemic”.

Parenting is possibly the single most important leadership role a person can perform.

Gary RyanWhile the book wasn’t written specifically for parents, you will gain valuable insights that will enhance your parenting and it is this feedback that has catalysed Gary to gift the book to a minimum 10,000 people for free.

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Gary Ryan’s MP3 Audio-book Disruption Leadership Matters – Lessons for Leaders from the Pandemic, features examples from exceptional leaders and influencers about how to lead effectively during these turbulent times.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every element of our lives, none-the-least being our workplaces. Leaders have had an enormous influence over how employees have been affected during the past two years.

The Audio-book provides clear examples from leaders about how to lead human beings, rather than “human resources”. Featured leaders include Raymond O’Flaherty, CEO Metro Trains Melbourne, Rob Clayton, Managing Director Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia, Kristina Hermanson, Managing Directing FMC ANZ, Graeme Cowan, creator of The Caring CEO Podcast, Shelly McElroy, Facilitator at Leading Teams Australia, and many more share their insights and strategies for leading people throughout the pandemic.

Discover how the CP Group in Thailand, Metro Trains Melbourne, Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia, FMC ANZ, and various large, medium and small organisations have placed their people first and achieved extraordinary results. Finally, discover what leaders believe has changed forever and what business challenges remain as economies emerge from the pandemic.

When listening to this leadership Audio-book, you will learn:

  • Techniques and tactics that show you precisely what you need to do to create a high-performance culture
  • How to use your company vision to drive performance
  • The critical skill that differentiates good leaders from great leaders
  • How to use these techniques to benefit the team you lead even if your organisation’s culture is poor
  • Strategies high-performing organisations use to leverage the full benefits of diversity and inclusion


This is an easy read with nice, relatable stories but full of powerful concepts. I only read it a week ago, and already finding myself coming back for a quick refresh on some of the techniques. Simple, clear and relevant to the present day. Very useful…

(David Allt-Graham, Senior Manager, Australia)

This book is a welcome addition to my leadership library. Ryan offers many valuable insights that have caused me to reevaluate my leadership mindset and identified opportunities to grow. Some of the key points that I found most helpful were the impact of mental models, human beings vs. human resources, genuine questions, the importance of conversations, and a new feedback model. The book is packed with interesting, relevant stories that kept me engaged. I recommend this book to anyone committed to becoming a better leader.

(Rico Maranto, Servant Leader, USA)

This book while small packs punch. It has distilled a mass of great information and research in to an easily read book with great real life examples. It’s suitable as book for somebody starting out on the leadership path and also as a great refresher for those that are far down the path and/or that have read a lot of the studies and books that are referenced. Highly recommended.

(Mark Burns, Senior Manager, United Kingdom)

I’ve just finished reading this book, and found it so encouraging to read of businesses and leaders that are treating the employees within their organisation with dignity and having empathy for the havoc that the recent pandemic years have thrust us all into. Then there were organisations that did a less than stellar job! However- learning is even in that, for us all. The servant leadership framework is such an affirming way to lead people, and I valued seeing the practical applications of this within Gary’s book.

(Christina D., Teacher, Australia)

I really enjoyed this book because Gary makes a compelling case about people being more than a ‘resource’ and goes into detail explaining how many of the companies he works with kept their employees productive during the pandemic and as a result, they not only increased profits but also increased their market-share and reputation. He also talks about how his daughter Sienna made the school gymnastics team in spite of being too young to do so; she took initiative, she asked the right people how to do it and worked to improve to the point they ended up competing and with a podium finish! This was a heart-warming and inspirational story and as a father I can relate to it. His language is, clean, concise, objective and very purposeful; it is easy to read and understand.
Thanks Gary, I truly enjoyed Disruption Leadership Matters and no doubt I will read it again soon.

(Louis S., UX Designer, Australia)

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1 review for Disruption Leadership Matters – Audio-book

  1. kyle swanson (verified owner)

    A #1 book for a reason! Not only will you get massive value, but you will also be on your way towards more success.
    Thank you Gary, keep helping the world

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