Webinar Recording – Leadership Insights Series Interview With Michael Lewis

The Leadership Insights Series is a webinar based program that provides access the successful developing and senior leaders and their stories about their journeys.

In particular the Leadership Insights Series highlights the development activities beyond the classroom that successful leaders did to create their success.

The series also highlights the current views of leaders regarding employability and transferable skills – the sorts of skills they look for when recruiting people to join their teams.

This is a webinar recording of Gary Ryan interviewing Michael Lewis, Director of accounting firm Proctor Major.

Michael shares lessons from his journey particularly as they relate to his development throughout his formative years. Michael also share his thoughts on the qualities and attributes that he seeks in prospective employees.

If you know people who you believe would be great candidates for interviewing as part of the Leaderships Insights Series please contact Gary at otmacademy@orgsthatmatter.com .

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