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Systems Thinking Explained by Dr Peter Senge

Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Founding Director for the Society of Organisational Learning explains, in simple terms, what “Systems Thinking” is and how to use its principles for solving complex problems.

According to the Employability Skills for the Future report by the Australian Government (2002), Systems Thinking is considered a critical leadership skill. Yet it isn’t being taught to leaders.

Understanding this skill and developing it as one of your leadership capabilities is a high leverage activity that will enahnce your career. This short video is a terrific way to commence your understanding of this topic and you can also access other articles I have posted here.

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The Ladder of Inference is a powerful communication tool

Practice No.10: Learn how to slow yourself down from jumping to conclusions from my book What Really Matters For Young Professionals! is dedicated to teaching people a powerful tool, the Ladder
of Inference.

Initially created by research Chris Argyris, the Ladder of Inference was thrust into business and management education programs by Peter Senge.

You can read (and listen) to an old post on this topic here.

In addition I believe that reading different people’s perspectives on this topic helps you to increase your understanding of it. In this context please read this short article by Seth Kahan.

When have you caught yourself jumping to conclusions? What did you do to prevent yourself from taking ineffective actions?

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