Great service includes our value to the community

Gary Ryan explains that organisations need to consider the value that they provide to their global, regional and local communities. In doing so organisations create a sustainable relationship with their community and it is critical that they communicate the value they provide.

Sustainability means many things these days. It includes environmental issues and the methods and approaches we humans are using to ensure that our earth is habitable for humans in the future.

It also means organisational sustainability which has been brought to everyone’s attention by the Global Financial Crisis. Organisations must be financially responsible to ensure they survive into the future. They must also be sustainable within our local communities, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy within which our organisations operate.

In this way service excellence can be a tool to assist Organisations in identifying and outlining their value to their community.

What is the value that your organisation provides to its community from the highest to the most local levels?

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When it is all said and done, if we disrespect the communities within which we live, we’re out of business.

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