If you think that 8M Australians with poor job skills means you are guaranteed a great career, think again!

A report by Australia’s Industry Skills Councils to the Australian Federal Government has warned that up to eight million Australians don’t have the necessary numeracy and literacy skills to train for a trade or a profession.

The Report provides both bad & good news

The report also notes that over the next five years Australia will experience an estimated shortage of 215,000 skilled workers.

On the surface this may look like statistics that are extremely positive for current professionals and skilled employees. Why? Because the statistic highlight how poor the competition for skilled and professional jobs is at this point in time.

There is little to argue against this fact.

However, skilled workers and professionals need to think again. The lack of a skilled workforce and the extremely high number of people with low numeracy and literacy skills will increase the pressure on current skilled workers and professionals. Why? Because they are going to be the ones leading and managing the rest of the workforce. So the requirement for highly developed leadership and management skills are going to be paramount.

Getting and job and staying in employment for skilled workers and professionals will be virtually guaranteed (providing you are prepared to go where the work is located), however this doesn’t guarantee a great career. You will absolutely need to continue to develop your skills and employability so that you have the skills sets to lead and manage the rest of the workforce. These skill sets will continue to grow in demand and it is the people who really know how to lead and manage, and can demonstrate their skills through their track record will be the ones who will be “guaranteed” a great career.

What are you doing to enhance your leadership and management skills even if you have been leading and managing for a long time?

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