Lessons From Backyard Cricket

A friend of mine Darren Hill recently posted this article. I liked it so much that I asked him if I could share it with you and he has agreed to let me do so. If you would like to find out more about Darren please visit http://www.darrenhill.tv/ or www.changeworksnt.com.

One of the great Aussie/NZ pastimes in summer is partaking in a few sessions of backyard cricket. As I sit here, my shoulder sore and tired after a few too many overs with the tennis ball, I reflected upon the similarities backyard cricket share with our workdays as we re-enter the workplace after the New Years/ Christmas break. I decided 3 things were worth considering…

New rules are interesting
I love that you invent an array of new rules to make the game of backyard cricket more interesting. One-hand-one-bounce, the car is out, and four runs for hitting the white bucket; these are new rules adopted to make it fun and interesting. What new rules could your team at work adopt to make the playing field more interesting?

Uneven pitches are fun
My backyard has lumps and bumps on the pitch that make a well aimed tennis ball dance all over the place. Depending upon your outlook, this can be frustrating or it can be fun. I for one love the challenge and uncertainty of not knowing where the ball is going to go. If 2010 is a ‘bumpy pitch’ for you, revel in the challenge rather than complain about the groundskeeper.

Celebrate success
After a hard session in the sun, there is nothing better than a cool drink in the pool. Relaxed conversation about the game just played is always enjoyable, and the respite from previous exertion in the hot sun is appreciated by all. When do you take time to have a relaxed conversation at work? Do you allow yourself or your team respite after a project and express gratitude towards each other? If these things aren’t present, then why would you put in your best next time around?

So as you return to work after your breaks, come in off the long run, keep your bat and pad together, but most of all, enjoy playing for your team. With 52 overs (weeks) to face, 2010 will be a great session!

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