Seeking Book Cover Design Feedback


Thank you very much to everyone who has provided feedback so far. Your feedback has really helped to take us to the next stage. Now we move on to Stage 2 of your feedback.

The overall concept is that there will be a familiar look about the four books. They will be differentiated by the colour ‘bands’ that are used on the books, as well as the images on the front cover.

I think we are pretty close with the first book, What Really Matters for Young Profesionals!, but still have a little way to go for the images for the other three books.

So, I’m interested in your feedback on the idea of having a consisent yet unique look about the books, your general view of the new designs and any other comments that you may have. If you can, try to think about how the four books would look like on a shelf next to each other.

Please feel free to add comments and/or to take the surveys. I have multiple options for the “Undergraduate students” and the “Aspiring Leaders” so please vote for your favourite in each of them. In the the survey the comment box is available for the “Young Professionals” and “Post-graduate Students” questions.

So here goes…

What Really Matters for Young Professionals!

What Really Matters for Undergraduate Students!
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

What Really Matters for Post Graduate Students!

What Really Matters for Aspiring Leaders!
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Please feel free to be everything from nice and kind with your feedback, to being brutally honest!

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Thanks again for your help,


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