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New book Yes For Success debuts at #6 on Amazon

We have some exciting news to share – Gary Ryan’s new book, “Yes For Success: How to Achieve Life Harmony and Fulfillment,” has made its debut on Amazon at an impressive #6 ranking and #19 on Audible. It’s an incredible achievement, and I’m truly grateful for your support thus far.

Now, we’re reaching out to you with an invitation to help us achieve the ultimate goal – #1 Bestseller status on Amazon. Your involvement can make a significant difference, and here’s how:

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New Book Release – Go Further Together

Go Further Together – 31 lessons from the road and the workplace

Go Further Together by Andrew O’Brien, Sue O’Brien and illustrated by Jock MacNeish is a collection of lessons based on stories from Andrew and Sue running more than 50 marathons together and Andrew and Jock working with organisations.

Each lesson is accompanied by a conversation starting picture from Jock and either an insight from Andrew and Sue (lessons from the road) or a comment from people working in organisations (lessons from the workplace).

About The Authors
Andrew and Sue O’Brien are passionate about healthy relationships and creating desired futures. They combine this with a love of running together and a dedication to inspiring others to be active through their speeches, presentations, books, workshops, blog and websites and

In 2008 Andrew and Sue ran 8 Marathons in 8 Countries in 8 weeks and became know as the “Couple on the Run.” Partnerunning combines Andrew’s “Desired Futures” framework and extensive CEO experience with Sue’s expertise in fitness and exercise.

Sue O’Brien is a tour de force. She is a recognised expert in the fitness industry with 25 years experience teaching, coaching and helping individuals meet their goals. Her achievements include having completed over 50 marathons and having represented Australia at the World triathlon championships.

Sue is the author of “Couple on the Run” and “Lessons from Running Relationships” and is already working on her next project “Partnerunning : How to go further together.”

A strong campaigner for the benefits of health and fitness for success in life, Sue is currently researching women’s health and teenage fitness. Topics that are of particular importance in her personal life, as a mother of two.

Andrew O’Brien is passionate about assisting people create “Desired Futures” and since experiencing a period without personal vision during his 20’s he has devoted himself to becoming an expert in developing personal and organisational vision so as to create desired futures for individuals and organisations. A gifted and sought after facilitator, together with Gary Ryan, Andrew founded the Organisations That Matter Group which oversees an increasing range of successful business activities. Andrew lives with Sue by the bay in Melbourne, Australia and spends as much time as possible in the warmth of South East Queensland and Arizona. After more than 20 years working as a CEO in the services, retail, food, fitness, sports, facility management and higher education services industries Andrew now devotes his time to working with individuals and organisations to create “Desired Futures”.

A former winner of a Customer Service Institute of Australia CEO of the year award Andrew has a bunch of masters degrees in business and management and a doctorate on shared vision which was the initial catalyst for the “Desired Futures” series of books.

Andrew is a Thought Leaders Mentor and works with CEOs and executive leaders to develop corporate thinking for commercial advantage.

Jock Macneish was born in Trinidad and went to school in Scotland. He studied Architecture in London and in Melbourne and has worked in many parts of the world, including two years in Papua New Guinea. His work covers Architecture, Acoustic Consultancy, Illustrations and Cartooning. Jock now runs a company that creates images designed to carry ideas. He calls them “Strategic Images”.

He lives in the hills near Melbourne where, if he heard a hooter, he’d assume there was a bushfire rather than the start of a marathon.

Book Details
Total length: 106 pages

Order information
Price $25 (Australian) plus postage and handling
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Postage: $5 within Australia, $9 everywhere else

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Seeking Book Cover Design Feedback


Thank you very much to everyone who has provided feedback so far. Your feedback has really helped to take us to the next stage. Now we move on to Stage 2 of your feedback.

The overall concept is that there will be a familiar look about the four books. They will be differentiated by the colour ‘bands’ that are used on the books, as well as the images on the front cover.

I think we are pretty close with the first book, What Really Matters for Young Profesionals!, but still have a little way to go for the images for the other three books.

So, I’m interested in your feedback on the idea of having a consisent yet unique look about the books, your general view of the new designs and any other comments that you may have. If you can, try to think about how the four books would look like on a shelf next to each other.

Please feel free to add comments and/or to take the surveys. I have multiple options for the “Undergraduate students” and the “Aspiring Leaders” so please vote for your favourite in each of them. In the the survey the comment box is available for the “Young Professionals” and “Post-graduate Students” questions.

So here goes…

What Really Matters for Young Professionals!

What Really Matters for Undergraduate Students!
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

What Really Matters for Post Graduate Students!

What Really Matters for Aspiring Leaders!
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Please feel free to be everything from nice and kind with your feedback, to being brutally honest!

Please click here to take the survey

Thanks again for your help,


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