Success lessons from comic Marty Wilson

Marty Wilson interviewed over 400 inspirational people to write his best selling What I Wish I Knew series of books. As an author and stand up comic, three of the key lessons that Marty discovered from his research were:

1. Take risks
Successful people take risks. They don’t die wondering. Marty explains that risk taking is not about jumping out of aeroplanes. It could be as simple as being yourself at work and not following the crowd.

2. Recruit mentors
This is no suprise to me but successful people actively seek mentors and learn from them, both their successes and failures. Do you have a mentor?

3. Lighten up
Yes Marty is a comic, but the it was his interviewees who told him that laughter and the capacity to see the lighter side of life was critical to success. Sometimes, on the rough road of life, laughing is the only way to survive.

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