Leadership Insights Series – Michael Josem, Senior Manager, Game Security Team, PokerStars.com Webinar Recording

This is a recording of the first of our ‘Leadership Insights Series’ Webinars for 2011. Gary Ryan interviewed Michael Josem, a successful young professional who has created a highly successful career as a result of playing games!

Michael shares a series of turning points and decisions that enabled him to ‘out’ an online gaming fraud, which created a series of events that resulted in him being offered a job in the field of work associated with playing online poker, a passion of Michael’s that had developed while he was at university. One of these events resulted in Michael being interviewed on the USA 60 Minutes program for his role as an internet security expert in discovering the online fraud which result in over $20Million being returned to players.

With a strong sense of personal values Michael’s role involves ensuring that ‘fraud’ is kept out of the system and that online poker players all have a fair chance for success.

Michael shares how his practices of service excdllence, personal development and getting things done were shaped in his days as an elected student representative at university. If you have wondered how jobs such as Michael’s are discovered, or how online poker can be driven by an organisation with a strong sense of fairness and integrity, then view this 40 minute webinar, I’m sure you will find it intriguing.

Michael, in his late 20s shares his story and how his passion has him setting sail to work in the United Kingdom’s Isle of Man.

Length: 41:11

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