Are you considering joining The Great Resignation?

In August 2021, 4.3 million people resigned from their jobs in the USA and this phenomenon on its way to Asia and Australia. According to this article from, the people quitting included front-line workers to CEOs.

Gary RyanThere is no question that the past two years have caused many of you to reconsider what you are doing in all aspects of your life. It is little surprise that many folks had decided that the organisation that employed them hadn’t lived up to the promise they were sold when they were hired. You know what I mean. The promised training did not happen, the progression and opportunities did not happen, the company values don’t have any relevance to the company culture, and they are treated as a ‘resource’.

This is why organisations that deliver on their promise, where values are genuine and you have people who care about you and you about them, are about to go to an even higher level of success.

Folks, if you work in one of these organisations worthy of your commitment, let your friends know about the culture. Talented people are on the move and seek to work for organisations worthy of their commitment. “Payday” is coming for the best organisations; they are great for the people who serve within the company, great for the people they serve outside the company, and great for the company’s bottom line, which allows it to continue to invest in the people that make all the difference to the organisation’s success.

If you work in one of these organisations, please contact me about them, too. My next book Disruption Leadership Matters – Lessons for Leaders from the Pandemic is just about ready for its pre-release, and I’m already researching a second edition.

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By Gary Ryan

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