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Explaining the OTM Service Strategy® Audio Version

Gary Ryan from Organisations That Matter provides an overview of the six key elements that underpin the OTM Service Strategy®.

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United Breaks Guitars – A classic ‘service gone wrong’ story

When a fellow passenger called out, “My God they’re throwing guitars out there!” Canadian singer/songwriter Dave Carroll was horrified when he realised the guitars were his.

With his guitar broken and horribly damaged Dave spent 12 months chasing United Airlines to pay for the damage they had caused. With nothing less than indifference, United Airlines did not offer a sincere apology nor did they fix his guitar and repay Dave for the cost of repairing his equipment.

So Dave and his band, Sons of Maxwell, did what they do best. They wrote a song (and then a second one) about their experience and released it on YouTube.

The song was an immediate YouTube ‘hit’ and you can see that there have been currently over 10.5 million ‘hits’ on the song.

Within a day of the release of the song United’s share price had dropped by 10%. The value of the drop in shareprice could have bought Dave 51,000 guitars.

The moral of this story is that we live in exponential times. Not every story will go ‘viral’ – but you just don’t know which ones will. If a company gets something wrong, which does happen from time to time, then the best thing to do is to fix it as fair and fast a way as possible.

The OTM Service Strategy® is a system that has been designed to enhance an organisations capacity to provide a consistent and continuously improving system for service excellence. Contact me if you would like to arrange a conversation regarding how the OTM Service Strategy® could benefit your organisation.

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Leadership Insights Series – Michael Josem, Senior Manager, Game Security Team, Webinar Recording

This is a recording of the first of our ‘Leadership Insights Series’ Webinars for 2011. Gary Ryan interviewed Michael Josem, a successful young professional who has created a highly successful career as a result of playing games!

Michael shares a series of turning points and decisions that enabled him to ‘out’ an online gaming fraud, which created a series of events that resulted in him being offered a job in the field of work associated with playing online poker, a passion of Michael’s that had developed while he was at university. One of these events resulted in Michael being interviewed on the USA 60 Minutes program for his role as an internet security expert in discovering the online fraud which result in over $20Million being returned to players.

With a strong sense of personal values Michael’s role involves ensuring that ‘fraud’ is kept out of the system and that online poker players all have a fair chance for success.

Michael shares how his practices of service excdllence, personal development and getting things done were shaped in his days as an elected student representative at university. If you have wondered how jobs such as Michael’s are discovered, or how online poker can be driven by an organisation with a strong sense of fairness and integrity, then view this 40 minute webinar, I’m sure you will find it intriguing.

Michael, in his late 20s shares his story and how his passion has him setting sail to work in the United Kingdom’s Isle of Man.

Length: 41:11

Gary Ryan enables individuals, teams and organisations to matter.
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Webinar Examples: The Seven Key Elements For Creating High Performing Teams

This is a sample webinar that is provided through Organisations That Matter and hosted by Gary Ryan.
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New Website Launched

After eight months of solid work by Andrew and myself, the new Organisations That Matter website has been launched. Our website address is exactly the same however we now have the capacity to better communicate what it is that we do, as well as provide Online Courses, ebooks, webinars (online seminars) and much, much more! You may wish to check out our Free stuff as a place to start.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be testing our new webinar software so please look out for our free webinars while we learn the software – they won’t be free for long!

We will continue to operate The Organisations That Matter Learning Network and it is now part of our “” website with direct links from the website to this network.

In addition many of you may have already discovered that the web address now takes you directly to this network, so you might like to bookmark that address on your web browsers.

While Andrew and I have worked very hard to ensure that our new website is error free, if you notice that a link doesn’t work, or we have missed a typo, please let us know. Please send me an email at Gary.Ryan@orgsthatmatter and include a link to the page that contains the error. Your help, as always will be highly appreciated.


Gary & Andrew

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Is your organisation worthy of your commitment

Is your organisation worthy of your commitment? If you are a leader within an organisation, what are you doing to create an organisation that is worthy of the commitment of the people who work there?

I first heard these two questions in 2001. They were posed by a wonderful woman named Michelle Hunt, who has spent the better part of the last fifteen years helping organisations to answer these two questions.

What organisations, from your experience, have been worthy of your commitment? This is a free chance for you to advertise and possibly attract talent to those organisations.

From my perspective, creating an organisation that is worthy of the commitment of the people who work there is a strategic decision. Think about the advantages of having commited versus uncommited staff. It is hardly a contest, is it!

It is also possible that you may have worked in a department of an organisation that had somehow managed to be worthy of your commitment, even though the rest of the organisation may have been toxic or at least not worthy of your commitment.

Please note that these questions do not suggest that you shouldn’t be doing your best for your organisation, even if it is not worthy of your commitment. The questions are really about the deliberate and conscious culture that your organisation is trying to create that genuinely values the contributions of the people who work in the organisation. With regard to culture, all of us contribute to an organisation’s culture, at least to some degree. In that context, all of us are to a smaller or greater extent, contributors to the worthiness or otherwise of the organisations within which we work. For example, if unacceptable behaviour such as bullying is tolerated (which means it has become acceptable), but we have never done anything about it (I acknowledge how difficult taking action in such circumstances can be) then we have in fact contributed to the continuation of that culture.

Please share your thoughts and experiences on this topic.

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