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Passion Matters If You Want Success

If you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life then there is a simple secret that successful people know.

The first principle for achieving success is passion and I absolutely believe that you have to have it in your life if you want to have access to the energy that is required to create success. 

Passion provides our energy, our drive for taking action, especially when those actions are hard and/or challenging. In simple terms we derive energy from our passions.
Try this quick exercise.

Stop and close your eyes for a moment think about your passion. It could be one or more of many things such as:
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Singing
  • Physical exercise
  • Playing sport
  • Water based activities
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Gaming
  • Studying
  • Learning
  • Cooking
 This list doesn’t have an end! It could go on and on and on.

Once you have identified your passions focus on one of them and think about it, remember yourself doing, see yourself doing it. Notice what happens to your body when you start imagining yourself doing your passion.

When I ask participants in my programs to do this exercise you should see what I see! While their eyes are closed as they are imagining themselves doing their passion, whatever it is, people smile! It is as if they can’t help it. Smiles simply appear on their faces!

It just happened to you too, didn’t it.

If you require evidence that passions drive your energy then here it is! Just notice the smile on your face. 

However a sad fact is that as many of us get older, we stop experiencing our passions. Just when our lives get busier and more serious, just when we need more energy to create the success we desire, we stop living and experiencing our passions. If you think about it, isn’t that just plain crazy?

Our passions ‘leave’ our lives or they simply fade away from being present in our lives. Yet we need our passions in our lives in order to give us the energy to get through some of the less passionate things that we have to do. No matter how successful we become there will always be things that we have to do to create our success that aren’t the most fun in the world to do.

As you consider your passion or passions, are they present in your life now? When did you last experience your passion? When is the next time you plan to experience your passion?

Interestingly your passion doesn’t have to be ‘present’ all the time for you to benefit from the energy it provides. As an example many people have travelling as one of their passions. For many of us such a passion is ‘serviced’ when we have annual leave holidays from our work. So what people with this passion will do is book in and pay for their travelling experiences a long time in advance. As a result they have the positive energy benefits of looking forward to experiencing their passion.

If you don’t have a passion and can’t remember ever having one, you have a wonderful opportunity to include this in your Vision. For example. as part of your personal vision you could write, “In 12 months’ time I will be living and regularly experiencing at least one passion in my life.”

Remember, when planning for success it’s okay to write things down into the Vision section of your plan even when you have no idea about how they are going to be brought into reality. In fact, this is usually true for most things that you write down in the vision section of your plan and why writing them down is so powerful.

In wrapping up, what’s your passion or passions? How are you leveraging the energy that they generate?

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Beware – You Carry Your Brand Everywhere

When you are in business you carry your personal brand, and/or the brand of the organisation that employs you everywhere.

For some reason too many people are not self-aware enough to realise this fact of life.

On a recent two hour flight there were two gentleman sitting in the row in front of me. For two hours they talked loud enough for everyone in the three rows in front, behind and beside them to hear every word they said.

One of the gentlemen sold cars for Skoda. The other sold cars for VW.

Within minutes of greeting each other their stories, fully featuring regular expletives, highlighted how they regularly sold cars to people at prices that delivered them (the sellers) great rewards. Time again they shared stories that highlighted just how stupid people who buy cars from them are.

I don’t know about you, but buying a car from people who think I’m stupid doesn’t seem very attractive to me.

As I didn’t hear which dealers these two gentleman worked at, it is easier to put a line through Skoda and VW, just in case I happened to meet one of these two salesman.

In effect it appeared that they were bragging to each other and were either unaware that 20 plus people could hear them, or they were quite happy with the fact.

With each ‘story’ I noticed other passengers rolling their eyes as if to say, “Enough already!”

Folks this type of behaviour is simply reflective of a lack of understanding regarding brand.

Without realising it, these two gentleman, story by story, were damaging the respective brands of Skoda and VW. Will that make it easier for them to sell cars? I doubt it.

What are you experiences of people damaging their organisation’s brand?

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