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Jason Barrie’s Perspective On Health & Fitness

On May 1st 1999 Jason Barrie’s life changed forever. Playing local Australian Rules Football he was involved in a tragic accident, the result of which left him as an Incomplete Quadriplegic. Jason often describes himself as, “The luckiest, unlucky man alive“. Despite being an Incomplete Quadriplegic, Jason is able to walk. While his spinal cord was damaged in his accident, it wasn’t completely severed. This means that he has about 80% use of the right side of his body, but considerably less on the left side of his body.

The Yes For Success Platform is an online service that steps members through a process for identifying and creating a plan for life balance and personal success. Every month members have access to a Question and Answer Webinar where they can ask questions that relate to their personal success. The above video is a recording of the February 2014 member-only webinar. Usually these videos are kept for the exclusive use of members of the Yes For Success Platform.

However Jason’s story where he shares his perspective on health and fitness is so inspiring I just had to share it. Enjoy it and please feel free to share it with others.

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